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About Us


Leslie Wright

Owner / Founder

As a young entrepreneur I am blessed to say that I have learned a lot in accomplishing many of the goals that I have set for myself thus far. At a young age I knew that I wanted to pursue a future in the health and beauty industry.

I began my studies at David Demuth Institute of Cosmetology in Richmond, Indiana. Upon completion, I attended Ball State University where I studied Fine Art Photography. I received my Bachelors Degree in 2004. Soon after graduating I enrolled in Med Tech College to get my certification in Massage Therapy Technology. Massage is something that I have always had a passion for and knew that it would complete what I was looking for in my company.

Working in many different environments, leads to the passion and excitement of my everyday work! Whether it be helping someone to relax and relieve stress, get excited about their new look, or capture that treasured moment in their life; it’s all about making people feel better.


Kristen Marie


Ever since she was a little girl, Kristen dreamed of working within the beauty industry. She made that dream come true in 2014, when she received her cosmetology license after attending Empire Beauty School of Indianapolis. Kristen’s passion in the artistry of her work is inspired by nature, music and the connections she makes with her clients. She wholeheartedly loves her career and the opportunity to make her guests feel beautiful both inside and out! Continuing education in a forever growing field is very important to her, staying up to date on the latest trends and techniques in hair color, hair cutting, styling, makeup and skincare. 

Kristen strives to make every guest experience at Revive one to remember! 

angie final1

Angie Taylor

Salon Coordinator

After having several business conversations in Leslie’s chair as a guest over many years, we knew that if we could get Angie to join the Revive team we would have hit a gold mine!  Angie has an entrepreneurial mindset having owned several very successful businesses in the past.  What Angie brings to the table helps us operate the business to its fullest potential.  Angie has a knack at running the salon day in and day out and also helps us to uncover areas where we can submerge our talents into the community around us.  You will always find Angie at her happiest state when she’s helping other succeed, whether that is by goal setting for the team members or baking the salon sweet treats!  We are so very blessed to have her heading up our team!

Marcia Reeves


We are ecstatic to have Marica as part of the Revive family!  She is a true representation of what we believe REVIVE to truly stand for family, promoting positivity and the love of building personal relationships with people!  Her demeanor is infectious and carries over nicely amongst our guest.  If you choose to attend or host a private event at Revive, you will have the pleasure of working with Marcia personally!  Marcia retired after many years at St. Vincent’s Hospital to do what she loves the most socialize, shop and spend time with her family and her “beloved fur babies” a.k.a her puppies!  Marcia’s dream for Revive is to add a Doggie Spa next door so that you and your pup can get REVIVED at the same time!

Stylist Marlo at Revive Salon & Spa Studio

Marlo Lloyd


Marlo is a perfectionist and is very passionate about every detail that goes into her work.  She has spent the past several years helping oversee the Design Team at the Paul Mitchell Academy in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Marlo has an amazing heart and loves to bless others by using her talents in and around the community. She has allowed our staff to help give back by heading up several of our outreach events!  Her excitement for the hair and fashion industry has given her an undeniable talent of creating incredible color and custom haircuts for each of her guests.  Marlo’s energetic personality is very uplifting and can be felt by anyone who comes in contact with her!  She genuinely listens to what her guests may be struggling with at home and then teaches them how to overcome the challenges to create the same look with products and taught tips and tricks!


Carla Martin

Massage Therapist

Carla is extremely talented at listening to her guests and what their bodies are telling her during their treatment.  She has been doing bodywork for several years and takes pride in blessing others through her touch.  She is known for her therapeutic deep muscle massages and prides herself on standing apart from most in the industry.  We are proud to say that her services are sought out by some of our very own Indianapolis Colts players!  With her clientele base being so diverse in their body shapes and sizes it always has Carla striving to learn new techniques and modalities to bring back to the spa!  Education has always been a HUGE part of Carla’s life and she truly believes that knowledge is power!

Lauren Taylor


Lauren has a very cheerful and loving spirit about her!  She loves to jump in and help the team wherever it is she may be needed!  Lauren not only helps greet our guests, but she also is a certified Makeup Artist!  Lauren has worked in special occasion and photography makeup.  You will often find her taking notes and watching youtube videos so that she can stay up on the latest trends our the industry!  If Lauren is not working hard at Revive, chances are she’s at home trying out some new super healthy recipes!

Kim Schumacher

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Kim has been licensed by the state of Ohio Medical Board since 2000 and passed the National Certification in 2003.  She has moved to Indiana from Southwestern Ohio where she had a very successful practice for 13 years!  Kim has worked closely with chiropractors, physical therapist and orthopedic spine surgeons.  She specializes in treating chronic and acute pain.  Kim has helped aid in the recovery of many clients that have suffered from Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel, Plantar Fasciitis, Migraine headaches and Sciatica pain.  After attending SHI Medical Massage school Kim continues to advance her skills.   She has been trained by the best John F Barnes in modalities such as Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Point Release, La Stone and Muscle Energy Technique.  Kim is a firm believer that through her therapeutic relationships with her clients and guided intuition she creates an environment which enables the body t heal itself!  We truly are blessed to have such an amazing therapist!