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December 2022


Massage Services

Our staff prides themselves on bringing our guests nothing but the most relaxing therapeutic treatments! Therapists are trained in several different modalities to help you reach your overall goals. Whether it be gearing up for a race, a much needed day to unwind, or the excitement of getting ready for a new baby, we would love to play a role in helping to Revive you!
Our Massage Therapists are licensed and certified in a diverse range of therapies including  Reiki, pre-natal massage, hot stone therapy, cold stone therapy, deep muscle massage, swedish massage and organic sugar scrubs.  Massage in general relieves both emotional and physical stress.  Our therapists specialize in body work and continue to be leaders in the massage field with constant continuing education. Our licensed massage therapists can assist you in selecting the optimal modality for you. All massage modalities are priced the same unless otherwise noted below.


Spa Services


Signature Massage

  • 30 minutes$55
  • 60 minutes$85
  • 90 minutes$115

Relaxation Massage

  • 30 minutes$45
  • 60 minutes$75
  • 90 minutes$105

La Stone Massage

  • 30 minutes$65
  • 60 minutes$95
  • 90 minutes$120

PreNatal Massage

  • 30 minutes$55
  • 60 minutes$85
  • 90 minutes$115

OMG 4 Hand Massage

  • 60 minutes$150
  • 90 minutes$210

Reiki Treatment

  • 30 minutes$50
  • 50 minutes$70
  • 60 minutes$80

Massage Add On Pricing

  • CBD Enhancement$9
  • Cold Stone Facial Massage$10
  • Eucalyptus Treatment$10
  • Heat Treat$10
  • Peppermint Scalp Melt$10
  • Paraffin Foot Treatment$12
  • Paraffin Hand Treatment$12
  • Hot / Cold Facial Massage$15
  • Deluxe Heat Treat$19
  • Dry Brushing *$20
  • Paraffin Hand And Foot Treatment$22
  • Cupping$30
  • Ear Candling$30

* Dry brushing rejuvenates, increases circulation for better metabolic behavior, helps rid the skin of accumulated toxins, improves muscle tone, stimulates cell renewal, and smooths the skin.


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