Dear Revive Clients,

We would like to wish all of our new and existing clients a Happy Holiday Season!  There are several events that we will be participating in this holiday season and we would like to invite all of you to take part in them as well.  Please be looking for our updated calendar on our new website!  Revive is still looking to grow so if any of you know anyone out there that is looking for booth space please forward them our information!
The Revive Team

Revive’s New Website!


Lots of changes happening at Revive during the holiday season!  We would like to announce that after November 15th you will be able to order products and gift certificates online!  We are proud to finally be able to service our clients over the the web.  You can also send gift ideas to that special someone so they don’t have to scurry around trying to figure out what you want this Christmas!

!!!Revive’s Charity Christmas Bazaar!!!


December 12, 2009
3pm to 7pm

Admission: 1 Can Good Per Person

Revive is hosting a Holiday Charity Bazaar on December 12, 2009 from 3pm to 7pm at our building!  The admission for this event is one can good per person!  The purpose of the event is to help stock our local food pantry and also to help feed a family during the holidays!  There will be a variety of different vendors that will help satisfy your holiday shopping needs!  Please feel free to come out and bring your friends and family with you!  There will be complimentary wine and tea tasting, as well as free massages, from REVIVE to show our customers our appreciation for thier support!  We will be selling our holiday gift certificates as well!
If you know of a vendor that would like to take part in our event please have them call us at: 317.504.0894
Visit us at: for more details!
A special thanks to Circle of Vendors for making this event possible!

How to Develop a Healthy Holiday Eating Plan

 How to Develop a Healthy Holiday Eating Plan

By: Brett Blumenthal                           

Whether we are attending holiday parties, going to relatives’ homes for big family dinners, or entertaining, the holidays are a time when food, sweets, and tasty beverages become a major part of the festivities. Despite our best intentions, this time of year is probably one of the most difficult times to stay healthy.
Specifically, many of us fall victim to cumulative party behavior. One celebration blends into another, and before we know it, we are eating as though every day were a holiday. To combat this effect and ward off the associated weight gain, be proactive in planning for the season.
1. Make a Plan
Create a Calendar Use color coding to help you easily gauge which weeks are going to be heavy-duty event weeks and which aren’t. Days without events should be light blue, and those with events should be red.
Spread Out Events As much as you can, aim to have no more than one event a week. Sure, there will be times when multiple events are inevitable, but limiting yourself to one a week for most of the season will help you to stay out of “cumulative trouble.”
Eat Well When You Can Your blue days are when you should stick to your normal, healthy eating habits. Staying on the wagon during these times will help counteract when you do indulge.
2. Tackle Event Days
Plan to Compensate On event days, cut down on some of your food intake throughout the day to make up for that night.
Don’t Go on Empty Have a well-balanced snack to take the edge off before you leave the house. The snack should contain fiber, lean protein, and a little healthy fat to keep you feeling satisfied. This will prevent you from going into extreme-hunger mode, which often leads to overeating. Try Kashi GoLean bars, Odwalla bars, or an apple and one-fourth cup of almonds.
Fill Up on the Good Stuff Certain foods are risk-free when it comes to weight gain. If you eat healthier foods first, you will eat less of those that are unhealthy. The following is the optimal order in which to choose foods to eat: fibrous vegetables (leafy greens, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, celery, onions), lean protein (turkey, fish, chicken, ham, lean red meat), starchy vegetables (potatoes, yams, corn, peas), and fruit.
Indulge a Little Indulging is healthy. Don’t forget that! Depriving yourself of the yumy foods of the season is not the answer. Just indulge in moderation. Instead of having a whole piece of cake, split it in half or share it with another guest.
Drink in Moderation Alcoholic drinks are often a big part of the festivities. Remember that they contain calories and can quickly add up. Try to consume no more than two drinks at events. And if possible, opt for wine or champagne, as they tend to have the lowest caloric impact.
As you experience the holiday season, enjoy! Don’t obsess about weight gain-just be smart about your habits!
Image: Image Source/Getty Images

$100 Ruth’s Chris Referral Contest


ruth chris logo
As you all know in the month of October we started our referral contest.  The Revive team has decided to extend this contest through December 5th, due to the fact that all of our clients referred one client!  Since there was a tie across the board we decided to give you guys another month to show us what you got!  The cient with the most referrals will be rewarded with a $100 Gift Certificate for our local Ruth’s Chris Steak House.


Spa Night 

$35 per person
Come out for fun filled night of spa treatments and good fondue! call Castelton location for reservations! 

Save 10%

OFF of any Photography Package
over $250.00 booked before December 1, 2009!

Let Revive be a part of your family or senior pictures during this Holiday Season!  Book by December 1st and also receive a free 8×10. 


Offer Expires: 12.01.09